Bridging the gap between technological innovations and the medical market

We aim to fuel breakthroughs in healthcare by investing in visionary technology-driven startups, and providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed.

Field of Interest / The Fund

Our mission is to identify and invest in early-stage biotech and medtech startups with the potential to revolutionize healthcare and to support these companies with the resources and guidance they need to bring their innovations to market and improve patient condition.

The Fund has closed its investment portfolio and is currently focused on supporting startups and seeking business partners.

Health care

Solutions for reducing healthcare costs, innovations in preventive healthcare, innovations in elderly support.


Medical devices, diagnostic tests, medical software, technology-based solutions that are used to prevent, diagnose, and treat medical conditions.


Innovative medicines and therapies, biomaterials



Miniaturized Holter recorder coupled with AI-enabled multifunctional cloud platform for data management and analysis

Klub Aktywnych

Klub Aktywnych is a platform dedicated to women 55+ designed for online/live meetings and trainings.

Hi Orthotics

Innovative and miniaturized intelligent knee braces to support patients with lower limb dysfunctions

Alreh Care

Modern and innovative dynamic standers and safety platforms equipped with AR-gaming capabilities for active rehabilitation

Opti G

The Opti-G guidewire is a diagnostic device that allows precise diagnosis of the nature of the coronary occlusion

Virtual Monitor

Virtual Monitor is a platform that simplifies clinical trials by enabling remote and paperless trials, reducing costs, and time spent on individual activities for Sponsors, CROs, and Investigators.

Ideal Bistro Healthcare

Employee meal management system in the workplace zone – an organized process of ordering, distributing, and collecting meals, with a unique computer system integrated with Foodomat-type devices located near the employee


Quick and non-invasive diagnostic test for an eye parasite – Demodex Spp. mite causing chronic inflammation of the eyelid margin.

Mycogress by Mycocycle

Mycelium-fueled waste management, Mycoremediation and Mycocosmentics. Mycogress develops a natural cosmetic material using selected mycelium strains and apple waste for mask and cosmetic base production, advancing eco-friendly waste solutions with Mycocycle Inc.

Target Cells by TargaCell

In-vitro stem cell binding assay. Target Cells sp. z o.o. (PL) is collaborating with TargaCell Inc. (USA) to create a test that evaluates the capability of different fractions of human stem cells to adhere to the endothelium of heart tissues in vitro.

CannabIBS by Greenspace Labs Inc

Innovative OTC drug for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). CannabIBS sp. z o.o. (PL) in cooperation with Greenspace Labs Inc. (USA) is conducting a pilot clinical trial to prove safety and efficacy of novel non-psychoactive cannabinoid-based treatment for IBS

The Linghos (Pogaduszki)

Innovative method of conducting speech therapy diagnosis for children using artificial intelligence. The Linghos make speech therapy engaging for children, convenient for parents and more technologically advanced for therapists.

About us

Piotr Wiliński, PhD


Technology and innovation executive, manager of businesses in international corporations and high-tech startups, author of 30+ patents

Suzanne Reade

Venture Partner

Polish-American corporate manager in financial services companies, president and founder of the Chicago ArchAngels

Marek Kowalczyk

Venture parnter

Business entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in identifying business opportunities, launching and leading successful companies (founder and CEO of IDEA Furniture, Co. a Chicago based furniture retail & import Company)

Andrzej Koziarski

Venture partner

Polish-American business professional in food retail industry (founder and CEO Marketplace Brands and Old World Quality Foods) with financial and entrepreneurship background with over 20 years of experience

Andrzej Kraszewski

Investment manager, analyst

Alumni of Inter-faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences, chemist and molecular biologist